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finished custom work

Custom dining set done for a client.

Custom bedroom set done for a client who chose the furniture from my stock and then chose the colours and distressed look. I can paint existing furniture you may have as well.

Custom nursery set for a client. The shorter dresser is being used as a change table. It comes with a mirror they can attach when the baby is older. (Proper staging photos coming soon)

Custom night stands. I didn't have actual night stands quite tall enough for the clients bed, but her eye caught these cute little French desks. She thought they would be perfect and wanted them done in an Old White, distressed down to a Sage Grey, to match an existing piece in their room. Love the colour combination. These delicate night tables are sure to add an elegant touch to the clients' bedroom.

French Provincial Low Boy with added French Mirror - Custom order for a client. Done in an Old White and distressed down to the wood with charcoal handles. She chose the pieces from my stock as well as the colours and distress. The mirror was a little extra work as it had never been stained or painted, so was natural, white wood which means you wouldn't see any distress. I had to paint the mirror a brown to match the natural colour of the dresser, then paint Old White and distress to the brown so the pieces matched. Just have to put the mirror back in the frame now.

Little girls bedroom set, custom for a client. The client brought me her own pieces and chose crisp white for the colour and kept the original hardware.

Set of custom french end tables for a client. (Will update with better quality photos).

Custom dresser (to be a surprise for client's daughter).

These lovelies have been painted a beautiful mid tone grey and rubbed with midnight glaze to give them an antiqued, sooty appearance and to bring out the gorgeous detailing on the drawers.  The hardware has been painted black to match. Sealed with multiple layers of varnish and wax for durability.

This gorgeous girl on original casters has been given new life with a soft grey body and white detailing. Glass knobs and painted hardware compliment her 6 deep drawers and the matching chair has been freshly upholstered. The chairs burlap bow and cameo give it a touch of rustic country flare.  Sealed with multiple coats of varnish and wax for durability. This piece will bring a touch of elegance and class to any home.

This is the custom table that was requested when the buyer saw I was selling the exact same table but in Sea Turtle and Black.  She requested a crisp, white body (inside and out) and a dark, charcoal top, door grates and hardware.  As usual, I sealed this piece with Varathane Poly and Minwax Natural Paste Wax.

This custom took quite a while as it contained many large pieces.  It was a dining room and bedroom set for the client's cottage.  She wanted her dining room hutch and chairs all painted in Benjamin Moores Cloud White with black hardware and the bedroom set the same, but with distressing on those pieces.  I sealed with Varathane ply and Minwax Natural Paste wax. The photos are of the pieces set up at the client's cottage.  The only pieces not included in the photos are the bedside tables.

The client for this custom wanted a beachy, distressed look but she hated that her set was a honey coloured wood and didn't want that showing through in the distressing.  She wanted either a dark wood or perhaps a dark grey to show through.  I first painted her set in Cottage Paint "Anchor Grey" and then in White (same brand.)  I distressed down to the grey to give the set a worn look.  The client wanted the drawers distressed but in an aqua/teal to add to the beachy look.  I used Cottage Paint "Bimini" for the drawers and she loved it!  I painted the hardware black to keep it simple.  The set was sealed with Varathane Poly and Minwax Natural Paste Wax.  The client loved it so much that she asked for the brand of paint and colour names so that she can paint small decor items in her room to match!

The client of this elegant custom living room set wanted her furniture taken from scratched, dinged and it's original brown, to antique white with the original gold trim painted back on it.  I wood filled the scratches and dents and painted the pieces in Cottage Paint "Cottage White" and then used Rustoleum Metallics in Gold to add the gold detailing.  I replaced the missing hardware as well as painted it gold to match.  I sealed it with Varathane poly and Minwax Natural Paste Wax.

This was one of my favourite customs to do!  The client was a very sweet woman who had purchased an antique children's table and chair set from someone who had had it in their family for ages.  They were glad to know that it was going to be re-loved by this client's two small girls and were excited to know that it was going to be refinished.  Her little girls are old souls and love the vintage distressed look, so she requested that I paint the set white and distress it.  I did just that and sealed it well in Varathane Poly and Tre-wax Clear Wax.  She loved it when she picked it up and when I touched base with her a few weeks later, she said her girls were thrilled to have tea parties and play at the little table together.

When I was first approached with this custom request I was hesitant.  I wasn't sure how it would look when it was finished but I am determined to give my client's what they want.  I'm so glad that I went ahead because it has been one of my most commented on pieces to date! The client wanted a mid tone grey with a dark glazing on the vanity, with copper legs and mirror frame.  I decided to use Fusion Mineral Paint's "Little Lamb" which is the perfect mid tone grey, and then I gave it a smokey look with Cottage Paint's "Midnight" antiqueing glaze.  I used Rustoleum Aged Copper spray paint on the mirror frame and on the vanity legs as well as the hardware.  I then used Annie Sloan Copper Gilding Wax on the carved details to help them stand out a little more.  The client was thrilled with the end result and I must say, so was I.

I had been wanting to take my dresser from Teal with a glaze and distress to something beautiful and blush.  I decided on Wise Owl's "Blush" and plain old white primer white from Behr.  The top of the dresser and mirror frame were done in Blush with the sides and top drawer having white and blush stripes.  On the blush stripes I added Rose Gold glaze from Wise Owl.  On the two bottom drawers, I added a textured wall paper, painted it Blush and added the rose gold glaze for depth.  Crystal knobs and new hardware were added as well.  The dresser legs and mirror details were done in Rustoleum Metallic Gold.  I sealed the piece with Varathane Poly and Wise Owl's White Tea Furniture Salve.  I LOVE my "new" dresser!

My Mom has wanted her dresser refinished since we moved into this old farm house three years ago.  I finally had some time between customs to get it done for her.  She has shades of purple in her room and she LOVES Wise Owl "Black Cherry" so I wanted to make sure the dresser had that colour.  I chose to use the frottage technique again, and layered taupes as well as lilac and Black Cherry.  On the top, I layered Gold between the Black Cherry and Cottage White.  The sides and legs stopped after lilac and Cottage White, (no Black Cherry.)  On the drawers and mirror, I added gold ontop of the Black Cherry and then stopped.  I didn't add Cottage White on top.  It gives the dresser some interest having the mirror and drawers slightly different.  The details of the mirror and dresser were done in Black Cherry with Gold Gilding wax on them to make them pop.  Crystal knobs were added to the top drawers and I painted the rest of the hardware to match.  I sealed her dresser with Varathane Poly and Wise Owl's White Tea Furniture Salve.