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Hi, my name is Holly and welcome to my site!  I'm excited to share some of my work and a little bit about myself with you!  

I am married to a wonderful and super supportive guy, who helped me build this site and makes a lot of furniture runs for me.  We are the parents of two amazing American Bulldog mixes; Moses and Olivia (pictured right).  We are also the parents of two sweet little Ball Pythons; Yzma and Willow, and the also the most epic Bearded Dragon you will ever meet! Her name is Ripley and she’s got her own fan club!

I recently began shopping for some new furniture that had an "antiqued/aged" look to it and thought that it could be fun to try and make a few pieces of my own.  I quickly discovered that I loved refinishing furniture and began to sell a few pieces here and there.  Now that I've had a few requests for pieces, I though it would be a good idea to put up a site where all of my work can be viewed easily.  

Please enjoy the site and feel free to contact me about any pieces listed, requests you may have or any questions! :)

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